The  WorldStar Student Awards brand is owned by the World Packaging Organisation.  The program is managed by the Institute of Packaging South Africa on behalf of WPO and is administered by Syndicate Graphics.

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The WorldStar Student Awards brand is owned by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).  The program is managed by the Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA) on behalf of the WPO and is administered by Syndicate Graphics (the administrators).

• This competition is open to students enrolled in a collegiate-level design program or packaging engineering program,undergraduate or graduate, anywhere in the world who have already won an award at a national/multi-national competition for students organised or recognised by that country's or region’s WPO member National Packaging Body. Students from countries without a National Packaging Body can enter through a national student competition, which is recognized by the WPO or another WPO member organization.

• To participate in the competition the packaging project should offer a new solution, irrespective of product, that is innovative, aesthetically appealing, environmentally compliant, easy to manufacture, convenient and relevant, and/or that brings efficiency to the packaging system.

• WorldStar Student Awards are awarded as follows:
o The top three (3) highest scoring entries will be named as WorldStar Student Winners and will receive WorldStar Student Winner certificates
o The next ten (10) highest scores will receive WorldStar Student Certificates of Merit
o The balance of entries with a minimum score of 50,01% of the overall marks will receive WorldStar Student Certificates of Recognition.

• The WorldStar Student Award Judging is based on:
o Degree of Innovation (including conceptual and technical aspect)
o Sales appeal/graphics in the target country
o Sustainability aspects relative to the target country o Ease of processing/manufacturing
o The extent to which a pack is fit for purpose and complies with the functions of packaging
o Efficiency to the packaging system
o Overall impression.

• The entrant, identified by his name and e-mail address, is legally responsible for the veracity of the information and for the legal rights to submit the project to the WorldStar Student Awards.

• All entry forms and documentation must be submitted in English.

• The closing date for entries is 1st November 2021

• All projects entered must have been designed / completed after August 2020 up to this year’s closing date;

• Applicants who have graduated in 2021 or those fulfilling the conditions of the qualifying national student competition will also be accepted as students.

• The entry fee is based on 15.00 (Fifteen Euros) per entry / packaging project submitted. The amount is to be paid in South Africa Rands (ZAR), with the exchange rate calculated automatically based on the prevailing exchange rates to the best ability of the administrators. The final amount processed may vary according to bank charges and exchange rates.

• The entry fee must be made by 1st November 2021 to validate the entry, following the payment procedures on line via credit card. Payment is made in South African Rands on line to Syndicate Graphics, the administrators of the WPO WorldStar Student Awards.

• Entrants may send more than one entry. Fees will be charged per entry.

• Entrants will have to state the name of the university or college they are enrolled

• Entrants will have to name the national competition where the project has won an award, and proof or confirmation of the award must be submitted.

• It is a requirement that a minimum of two photographs for each entry is submitted, maximum of four, and optional 3D rendered model. No prototypes or mock ups are to be sent to organisers or administrators.

• Entrants automatically grant the organisers and the WPO the right to reproduce their work in their printed and virtual-electronic publications, as well as their websites and all other media, for the promotion of this competition and the organisers, with no space or time limit.

• The adminstrators, IPSA and the WPO will assume all entries are original and are the work and/or property of the entrant/s with all rights granted therein. The administrators, IPSA and the WPO are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of any entrant. Then on-line entry form must be completed in full and incomplete entries and those without the "Declaration" requirement selected as "Agreed" will not be judged.

• All costs related to the winner’s attendance to the award ceremony will be exclusively of responsibility of the winners themselves, including airfares, VISA (when required) and accommodation. If winners do not attend the award ceremony the Certificate awarded will be sent via e-mail to them.

• The date and venue of the Award Ceremony will be determined by the WPO and announced at before the closing date.

• By submitting any entry to the WorldStar Student Award, the Entrant automatically agrees to these eligibility and competition rules.