The  WorldStar Student Awards brand is owned by the World Packaging Organisation.  The program is managed by the Institute of Packaging South Africa on behalf of WPO and is administered by Syndicate Graphics.

 If you have any queries or require additional information, please contact
Bill Marshall

Entry Fee Payment Options

The entry fee is based on 15.00 (Fifteen Euros) per entry / packaging project submitted. The amount is to be paid in South Africa Rands (ZAR), with the exchange rate calculated automatically based on the prevailing exchange rates to the best ability of the administrators. The final amount processed may vary according to bank charges and exchange rates.

• The entry fee must be made by 1st November 2021 to validate the entry, following the payment procedures on line via credit card. Payment is made in South African Rands on line to Syndicate Graphics, the administrators of the WPO WorldStar Student Awards.
• Entrants may send more than one entry. Fees will be charged per entry.

On-Line Payment by Credit Card
The simplest and fastest payment method  is to use the on-line facility. Payments may be made on this website by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) . Once your entry is complete, click on the “Pay for Submitted Entries In-Line” button on the Entry Form page of the website.

EFT Payment
Alternatively Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) may be used to make the payment. Use the following details for the payment. Remember to use your unique payment beneficiary reference code as the beneficiary reference. This is the last 3 characters of your entry’s reference number.
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Sandton City
Branch Code: 019205
Account Name: Syndicate Graphics
Account Number: 022683100
Account Type: Current Cheque
Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Beneficiary Reference: (The last 3 characters of your entry’s reference number)

Bank address (if required):
Alice Lane &, Sandton Drive,

Forex Transfer
Or you could request your bankers to make a Forex transfer. For this you will need to give them our banking details above. Please ask them to make the payment free of forex charges or fees when it reaches our bank. They may ask for an invoice from us depending on your local regulations. To get an invoice click on the “Send me an invoice for my entry(s)" button on the Entry Form page on the website.