The  WorldStar Student Awards brand is owned by the World Packaging Organisation.  The program is managed by the Institute of Packaging South Africa on behalf of WPO and is administered by Syndicate Graphics.

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Bill Marshall

The Special Awards Criteria

The Marketing Appeal Awards

The judges will be looking for entries that have design appeal, that are feasible, fit-for purpose, communicate and inform, add value, would have a special purchase appeal or that have a particularly unique and appealing concept.

The Sustainabilty Awards
The judges will be looking for packaging concepts that demonstrate and support the pursuit of global environmental sustainability and packaging that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The successful entries will probably involve the concept of one more of the four 'R's of packaging - Reduce, Recycle, Recover, Re-Use.

The Save Food Packaging Awards
The WPO has stated that a quarter of the food that is currently lost and wasted would already be sufficient to feed the starving world population. About 1.3 billion tons of food is actually thrown away each year, either because it spoils due to incorrect storage or inappropriate transport methods or because it no longer meets the standards of the trade and consumers. Furthermore, a lot of food is left uneaten by consumers because, for example, the quantities purchased by them are too large. Studies have shown that in less developed countries food tends to be lost at pre-harvest, harvest and initial handling phase. With increasing development food waste tends to move up the distribution chain to retail and consumption level. Here food is more likely thrown away when still edible.

The judges will be be looking for a packaging solution that significantly reduces food losses or food wastage in the supply chain. Your motivation for the entry should explain how and where in the supply chain the packaging saves a relevant amount of food.

Issues such as appropriateness, adequacy, convenience, feasibility and sustainability may be relevant to your entry. Examples of packaging solutions that may be considered for this award are: 
Appropriate packaging 
Appropriate materials 
Modern packaging such as active and intelligent packaging 
Portion sized packaging 
Re-closable packaging 
Convenient packaging 
Hygienic processing and packaging.