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About WorldStar Student

The WorldStar Student Awards competition is owned and produced by the World Packaging Organisation. It is an international packaging design competition for students – undergraduate or graduate – from countries around the world who are involved in projects in the field of packaging, including structural design and/or graphic design. 

The competition is open to students who have won a legitimate local award (endorsed by a WPO member organisation) in their region or country.
Entries open on 1st May 2024

Why WorldStar Student Awards?

The competition is designed to encourage and show the talents of students as well as new and innovative ideas and thinking in the field of packaging. Through the publicity of WPO's global publications and website, student winners are provided the opportunity to gain professional acknowledgment and entrance into a career as a packaging professional.

Who Can Participate?

This competition is open to students enrolled in a collegiate-level design program or packaging engineering program (undergraduate or graduate) anywhere in the world who have already won an award at a national/multi-national competition for students organized or recognized by that country's or region’s WPO member National Packaging Body. Students from countries without a National Packaging Body can enter through a National Student Competition, which is recognized by WPO or any other WPO member organization.

What do u gain from participating

- Prestige - gain worldwide recognition 

- Your pack will be noticed by some of the biggest packaging buyers in the world and all over the packaging media

- Entering gives you a great opportunity to impress new and current clients 

- Use the winner's logo on your own promotional material and stand out from your competitors 

- The top winners have the opportunity to receive the award at an international awards ceremony

- Top winners receive Medals and all finalists receive certificates to enhance their portfolios and CVs